I am Liz England, a systems designer with almost 15 years of experience in the game industry.

I am currently a Team Lead Game Designer at Ubisoft Toronto, where I most recently shipped Watch Dogs Legion. Some of my prior work includes Scribblenauts and Sunset Overdrive, but you can check my (somewhat outdated) resume for more info.

My interests are: procedural generation, AI systems, and the intersection of systems and narrative. I do my best work when I get to work on huge, complex, and highly interconnected systems (at the high level) that involve a great deal of detail oriented work (at the low level). I have a particular love for expressive systems that lead to emergent narrative.

You may know me from The Door Problem.

You may also know me from small dark comedy and/or horror games posted on my itch.io site (such as Everyday Misanthrope and growth), or from my twitterbots (such as @litpatches_text and @vg_erotica).

I also have reviewed books on game design and related fields, though that project has been on pause for a while now.

Some talks I have given include:

You can contact me via email at lizengland07@gmail.com or on twitter @lizardengland.