Some Entry-Level Design Positions (May 2016)

There’s a myth that design is not an entry-level position, that you have to work your way in from QA, programming, or art, and this myth is used to discourage a lot of aspiring designers from ever pursuing design in the first place. The truth is that there are lots of jobs available (though not nearly as many as there are students), with a mix of qualifications (specific tools or languages), from a wide variety of design roles (technical, systems, levels) and an even bigger variety of studios (AAA, mobile, etc.).

Since a whole lot of students graduate in May, I collected some¬†entry-level design job postings from a variety of companies. By posting the jobs, I am not vouching for them or the companies. I am simply letting you know they exist. This list is not exhaustive, just what I pulled together over a couple of evenings. Browsing through them should give you a good idea of what to look for when you’re trying to find those entry-level jobs.

I expect the job postings to get outdated rather quickly but I won’t be updating this page.¬† Jobs are listed in no particular order.


Associated Technical Designer – Blizzard Entertainment

Level Designer – Ubisoft Montreal

Game Designer (Scripter, Singleplayer) – Infinity Ward

Assistant Level Designer – Sledgehammer Games

Level Designer – King

Junior Game Designer – Raven

Associate Level Designer (Temp) – Sony Santa Monica

Technical Designer (Temp) – Sony Santa Monica

Level Designer (Contract) – Gearbox Studios

Design Intern – Demiurge Studios

Associated Level Designer – Hi-Rez Studios

Quest Designer – Bethesda Game Studios

Level Designer – Bethesda Game Studios

Associate Level Designer – Wooga

Design Intern – Arkane Studios

Junior Content Designer – Rumble

Game Designer – Ludia

Development Support, Design – Rockstar San Diego

Gameplay Scripter – Rockstar Toronto (two openings)

Gameplay Scripter – Rockstar Leeds

Design Intern – Tilting Point (scroll down for it)

VR Level Designer – Third Floor Inc.

Intern Game Designer – EA Mobile Firemonkeys

Level Designer/Scripter Internship – EA DICE

Design Implementer – Gunfire Games

Junior Game Designer – Doubledown Interactive (job ID: 15166BR)