About Me

Hi there. I’m Liz England, a game designer at Insomniac Games. I’ve been in the game industry for 6 years working on a bunch of different genres (FPS, third person shooter, puzzle-platformer, open world), a bunch of different systems (DS, 3DS, Wii, PS3, 360, XB1, iPhone), and in a bunch of different design roles (puzzle design, system design, economy, skill trees/progression, missions, scripting, combat, level design…).

We’ll skip my youth – I played a LOT of games, and read a LOT of books, so it’s not much of a surprise that I studied English and now make games. I attended Marist College, a small private liberal arts college in upstate New York, studying English literature. I spent a summer studying in Berlin, and a year abroad in England at Oxford University. My specialty was medieval studies (I could talk your ear off about what Old English and modern rap music have in common), but unfortunately there’s not much of a career in reading raunchy tales from the 1400s. After I received my B.A. I enrolled at Southern Methodist University in their Guildhall program. I received a graduate degree in Interactive Media and had a great opportunity interning at Volition Inc. on Saints Row 2.

After I graduated, I joined 5TH Cell as the first full-time employee on Scribblenauts. I like to describe that time as two and a half years where I was paid to read Wikipedia, and I know a wealth of useless trivia to prove it. After three Scribblenauts games, I moved on and joined Insomniac Games at the end of Resistance 3 mainly doing level and combat design. I’m currently still at Insomniac working as a systems designer on the upcoming Sunset Overdrive (yeah!).

Outside of games, my biggest passions are travel (yearly 5-6 week long trips to a new country), food (especially in aforementioned countries), and horror films (the more pretentious, the better).

*If you’re a student and want to talk to someone in the industry, or you’re curious about what a game designer is, want some honest feedback on your porfolio or resume, or just want to gush about Old English riddles, feel free to contact me :)