Sunset Overdrive

XB1 / Open World / 3rd Person Shooter

Sunset Overdrive was released on XBox One in 2015 as an open world shooter with an irreverent, fourth-wall breaking attitude, and a unique focus on fast, kinetic traversal.

For this game, I focused on open world systems, such as player progression, macro world progression, shared open world spaces (such as ally faction hubs), managing ally NPCs, and stitching together linear content (mission, quests, challenges) to integrate smoothly into an open world.

I initially started on the project doing initial designs for economy/loot, mission and quest structure, challenges modes, UI, skill upgrades, and crafting systems. By the end of the project I design and implemented many miscellaneous open world systems such as collectibles, fast travel, checkpoints/respawn rules, player vanity, vendors, and maps.

Below is a video of someone on youtube playing Sunset Overdrive near the beginning of the game. (Since I did not create linear content (mission, quests, challenges) but instead focused on more invisible systems in the game, there’s no way to really showcase it in video format.)