Super Scribblenauts

Nintendo DS / Sandbox / Puzzle

The sequel to last years game, Super Scribblenauts adds a huge dictionary of adjectives to combine with objects from the first. For example, players could spawn “pink plaid arachnophobic flying cannibal” and it would look and act roughly (in a cartoonish manner) as expected.

I moved from my responsibilities on Scribblenauts onto the sequel, focusing entirely on objects, adjectives, and the associated systems design. I was (affectionately) called the ‘Dictionary Department’. For the sequel, players can now spawn adjectives to combine with objects – colors, sizes, materials, AI, and all kinds of special abilities, many of which are content-specific. My responsibilities included:

  • Developed our entire adjective dictionary from scratch, including categorization of words and organization of art assets
  • Defined and oversaw new systems created for our adjective functionality (i.e. colors, sizes, movement types, specialized scripting, etc.)
  • Expanded our current object dictionary
  • Integrated adjectives and new systems into our object interactions
  • Resolved localization issues of our dictionaries into various languages
  • I pretty much memorized the thesaurus. I have about 700 synonyms for “sad” locked away in my brain.